J.C. Younger Company was founded in 1956

Working in the hot water boiler system field. We sold, installed and serviced boilers ranging in applications from residential to heavy industrial. In the early 1970’s we took on the industrial chiller market. In 2006 the company added two family members for building and servicing chillers.

The company is now owned and operated by family only. We are a small company with one member that is a Navy Vet. All of our service technicians are Dunwoody Graduates.

JCY’s shop also holds One Master refrigeration license, and full insurances.

We have a 40,000 square foot facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and our units are sold and installed nationwide. We work in all types of industry including plastics, food, medical and printing to mention a few. Along with chiller sales we have an extensive rental chiller inventory ready to ship anywhere.

Our main business is chiller manufacturing and re-manufacturing along with rental chillers, for industrial applications.

We are an ETL – UL 1995 listed manufacturer so are standards and quality are high as well as the expectations of the components we use.

The remanufacturing process consists of purchasing used chillers (reciprocating only) of various sizes from ¼ h.p. up to 140 h.p. Once the unit is in our shop every component, mechanical and electrical, is removed from the unit until only the evaporator and condenser remain. At this point the evaporator and condenser are totally flushed and cleaned and all circuits are tested and rated for capacity and efficiency. Provided these pass all of our testing, the remanufacturing continues with all new components going into the unit from compressors to motors, from controls to electrical components to painting.

When it comes to the components in our chillers, quality is the first concern not price. This type of concern not only applies to our re-manufacturing, but also our new chiller manufacturing and rental units.

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