A JCY Extraction Chiller System Cools Alcohol Vapors to Liquid for Reuse

J.C. Younger (JCY), established in 1956, has decades of expertise when it comes to designing and manufacturing chiller systems for many types of applications. As the cannabis industry heats up, we have been dedicating our services to designing the most efficient and safe extraction chiller systems.

Basic Scientific Explanation of Alcohol Evaporation

To understand why alcohol is an excellent solvent for the heating to the cooling side of the CBD and THC oil extraction process, let’s review some of the basic science of evaporation, as found in Scientific American. “Every liquid can be turned into a gas if enough energy is added to the liquids in the form of heat.”

Compared to water, alcohol “has a greater cooling effect.” It evaporates faster than water, “due to its lower boiling temperature (82 compared to 100 degrees C).” Having a faster evaporation rate, alcohol “is able to carry away more heat.”

Ethanol Makes a Good Solvent for Oil Extraction

As we have briefly covered, ethanol, commonly called grain alcohol, is one of the solvents used in marijuana oil extraction, besides hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide. Two qualities making ethanol a better solvent than its counterparts are efficiency and safety, respectively. Selecting an ethanol extraction system depends upon the scale of your operation.

Compliance Regulations for Ethanol Extraction

While the team at J.C. Younger can offer assistance to determine the solvent that is best suited for your oil extraction operation, Cannabis Business Times gives a thorough review of understanding ethanol extraction in part 3 of a review on the three solvents. While this article addresses the different processes, we’re focusing in on the exposure, storage, and handling of the solvent.


The Federal Drug and Food Administration, along with state-level governing institutions, have set limits on toxicity exposure. And, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) “classifies ethanol as a Class 1 Division 2 Group D flammable liquid.”

Together with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), adequate ventilation is defined to be “a system capable of cycling a room’s total air volume six times per hour,” to ensure “areas containing ethanol in production facilities must maintain no more than a 0.83 percent by volume ethanol vapor in the ambient air.”


Not only is exposure a concern, but there is a concern of storing this flammable liquid. “When it comes to storage, the maximum flammable cabinet storage is 60 gallons, and the maximum storage permissible outside of a flammable cabinet or storage room is 25 gallons.”

Handling and Recovery

As the Cannabis Business Times states, “all types of ethanol extraction require that between 0.6 and 1 gallon of ethanol be used during the extraction process,” and this causes the problem of “downstream solvent handling.” The answer is to scale the use of ethanol through recovery.

JCY Extraction Chiller System: The Solution to Scale Ethanol Use

If your operation is a “high-throughput, bulk-processing laboratory,” you want a quality system that will “control temperature, inject a specific ethanol volume, and undertake inline dewaxing/clarification.” Regarding ethanol compliance, a JCY Extraction Chiller System is also the solution to cool the alcohol vapors back down to liquid for reuse.

Our quality extraction chiller systems come with more than superior design and build, J.C. Younger offers everything our customers need to focus on the operation.

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We’re here to help your extraction process produce the highest quality product you want to be known for in the industry. Whatever solvent your operation requires, the JCY team will customize the best extraction chiller system for quality production.


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