The Difference Between Craft and Domestic Beers

Last updated on January 12th, 2022 at 10:56 amBeer is beer, right? Wrong! To beer connoisseurs, craft and domestic beer are different. Domestic beers appear a light yellow. The beers range from pale yellow to medium yellow. When you pour a domestic beer, the head is short-lived. The foamy bubbles are carbon dioxide rising to the glass […]

Craft Brewing Industrial Chiller Solutions from JC Younger

Have you poured your heart and soul into creating a craft beer to complement your list of products from your microbrewery, or brewpub? Perhaps you have recently started your microbrewery, and you have a brand that has become a fan favorite. In either situation, you need a craft brewing industrial chiller, and you need a […]

Rent or Buy? Chiller Questions and Answers from JC Younger

When you stop and think about it, being in this situation is a good thing! Your upstart microbrewery is being faced with a question that means everything is headed in the right direction! Your microbrewery is needing a chiller. You understood that to start this venture, you would be needing this piece of industrial equipment. You also […]

Looking for Glycol Chiller Rentals?

J.C. Younger (JCY) is a custom chiller manufacturing company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since they began their business in 1956, they have kept philosophy by depending on high moral standards. All their customers admire their proven work ethic; they receive personal assistance and transparent pricing issues. Nationwide and throughout the Midwest, J.C. Younger Company has […]

Custom Chiller Manufacturing Solutions for Your Business

Getting everything right the first time can be a rather daunting task, particularly when starting any business. It seems there is always a thing or two that gets overlooked, or something that ends up way over cost from the amount you have budgeted. Add to that an impatient board of directors or investors and suddenly […]

Metalforming & Waterjet Chillers

METALFORMING: WATERJET CHILLERS Industries, such as metal forming have made great strides in adopting sustainability projects that focus on reducing the volume of water consumed and the energy costs associated with the water chilling system. Metal-forming plants are known for using copious amounts of water throughout their processes. Many of these plants have massive water […]

Industrial Chiller Rentals from JC Younger

Has the demand for your product reached the point that your company is about to either expand in terms of square footage to your facility or expand the line of products you are offering? Hopefully, it’s both! The best gauge for success in your particular industry is how well your products are selling, and how […]

Custom Manufacturing for Brewery Chillers Made In USA

Last updated on October 6th, 2021 at 04:33 pmYou have put your heart and soul into creating a brewery that is the talk of the town. This is the goal you have pictured since the inception of the brewery idea first crossed your mind. Now as you begin building your brewery and your brand you […]

Chillers for The Chemical Industry

Whether you are handling, processing, or storing chemicals there is a constant need in maintaining certain temperatures. If your facility is responsible for any, or all of these aspects of creating a temperature specific environment for your product or processes, you need an industry specific chemical chiller for your facility. A chemical chiller can optimize […]

Industrial Chiller for Printers

Your Industrial Printer May Need to “Chill-Out!” The amount of heat that an industrial printer must endure can be quite elevated at times. We may not realize it, but here is a lot going on with an industrial printer that generates heat. Printer heat comes from multiple sources such as; Friction from the paper moving […]


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