Chiller Before Summer Cleaning Checklist

Check tank levels and fluid condition. We want to promote a debris free heat transfer fluid to mitigate any fouling with the evaporator which decreases the heat transfer properties.   Inspect systems using glycol. We want to make sure the concentration levels are appropriate for the operating conditions and ambient air temperatures. Making sure you […]

Can Ethanol Be Used For Extraction?

Can Ethanol Be Used For Extraction?   When you are attempting to understand ethanol and extraction, you should know that many companies have promised to be the next best thing when dealing with extraction, but they don’t have the best record. That is why you need to ensure that you find the best company and […]

Order Glycol Refills For Your Industrial Chiller From JC Younger

Running a business means being prepared to deal with your equipment. Your chiller, for instance, has to be kept running smoothly, or you lose product to inefficiency and malfunctioning machinery. A great way to always be on top of your chiller’s requirements and keep it working well is to have glycol tested regular and having […]

Microbrewery Chillers Need Low-Temperature Glycol Chillers

Control Product Quality Microbrews have a certain amount of specialist appeal, and people who start microbreweries generally do so for the love of beer. This means that the owners are always on the lookout for ways to improve their beverage. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using a chiller to control […]

The Best Way To Test Glycol With Your Industrial Chiller

Since industrial processes, motors and machines are not fully efficient, they release heat as a byproduct. When you fail to get rid of the heat, it accumulates with time, thus lowering production times and even equipment breakdowns. Incorporating cooling into the process is crucial to avoid such issues. Besides, adequate cooling is crucial in various industries, including […]

How To Meet Distillery Chiller Challenges

Problems Distilleries Face The distillery business has developed many technical innovations over the centuries, and one of the primary reasons for these innovations is the inherent challenge that comes with distilling alcoholic beverages. Distilling is a multi-step process of fermenting liquids, heating them, and then cooling them to create condensation. Chillers are used in both […]

Custom Built Chillers For Your Cannabis Business

Why Custom Build a Cannabis Chiller? Anyone entering the cannabis business is already dealing with a lot of new equipment, so it might be tempting to ask for a standard chiller for your company. However, your company might find it better to get a custom-built rental chiller instead. Every company is unique. There is a […]

When Your System Breaks Down, Chiller Rentals Are Your Friend

USA Made Industrial Chiller Rentals from JC Younger Keep You Going Few things are worse than machinery malfunctioning on you. This is particularly true if your business has a chiller, relies on it to complete your job, and then acts up. The result can be anything from lost cannabis clients to spoiled scientific studies. This […]

Common Types Of Custom Air-cooled Chillers

USA Made Air Cooled Chillers Air-cooled chillers, chillers where water used in the chiller gets cooled by releasing heat into the ambient air through condensers, are popular in many industries. They don’t require cooling towers, and they don’t use as much water. They don’t normally need a lot of connecting pieces, either. However, every company […]

JC Younger Tips on Chiller Preventive Maintenance and More

Keep Your Chiller System Working Efficiently Chillers are a major investment, and they must work with precision. At JC Younger (JCY), we have decades of experience in manufacturing and remanufacturing chillers. To keep your chiller system efficiently working, routine chiller preventive maintenance (PM) is the best way to safeguard against costly repairs. Routine chiller maintenance keep energy […]


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