The Advantage Of Renting A New Chiller

Chillers are used in many industries: dairy, medical, breweries, etc. When the need arises for a new chiller why opt to rent or lease? Probably the most important reason is the support factor. If a chiller goes down for any reason, it is critical for a business to get it up and running as soon as […]

Hot Weather Can Affect Your Chiller’s Performance

It is officially Summer. If you want to get the most out of your equipment during the hottest months of the year, it is important to understand how hot weather can affect your chiller as temperatures heat up. Monitoring a few key performance issues on your chiller should become part of your hot weather routine: Condenser Check […]

Key Factors to Consider when Evaluating Providers of Medical Chillers

The Increased Utilization of Medical Chillers The demand for medical chillers has grown significantly over the years. This growth is partially attributed to the expansion of the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) market over the past decade. Medical procedures that were once only undertaken in large hospitals are increasingly being performed in ASCs. As the medical equipment […]

What You Need To Know About Industrial Condensing Units

Picking the right chiller for your application means exploring many options. They have a variety of features for cooling, and each mechanism has its own advantages. In order to decide on specifications for the chiller you need, you will have to develop a passing understanding of the features involved. A good place to start is […]

What Temperature Should My Chiller Be Set To?

Because industrial chillers can be used for such a wide variety of applications, it can be hard to know the right set point to use to achieve the ideal temperature for your needs. Especially when you are renting a chiller and haven’t used one before, you may have questions about the proper temperature or temperature range. […]

Rental Brewery Chillers for Startup Microbreweries

When that first bottle of microbrew fills a glass, it should be a well-carbonated, diamond-clear beer with a crisp, clean taste. Microbrewers play a balancing game to assure that the boiling wort transforms itself into sparkling beer with each fresh batch. Brewery chillers have a lot to do with the process. Consistency is Key One […]

What Is Glycol? How is it Used in a Chiller?

Glycol is a water-miscible coolant that is frequently used in heat transfer and cooling applications. It provides better heat transfer parameters than water, and can be mixed with water to provide a variety of heat transfer characteristics. Glycol comes in two varieties: ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. Though both materials are bad for living things, […]


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