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brewery chillers

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We produce brewery glycol chillers specifically for the brewery industry. We can also custom design and fabricate brewing chillers to meet your brewery chiller needs. We have solutions for the microbrewery to the brewpub from regional to large breweries. We have indoor glycol chillers and outdoor glycol chillers available. Our glycol chillers can also be used in wineries, cider mills and distilleries.

We have reconditioned chillers ready to chill, call us today for the best price. We also have solutions for start up breweries and also install temporary chillers to keep your brewery running. Even if you have or are considering purchasing a brewery chiller from another vendor, we can provide full review and inspection on your new or used chiller.

JC Younger Company has been in the brewery industry since late 2005.

JCY’s Brewery specialist is Sandy Younger. You can consult with him for all brewery chiller issues, needs, and recommendations. He is well known in the brewery market as a standup guy, and someone you want to know.

When working with a brewery, JCY makes close observations to determine the proper system size, and enable it to grow as cooling needs increase.

JCY has around 20+ brewery glycol chiller rental units designed to go into operation at your brewery, if your chiller system fails.

Most of the JCY 5 HP and up chiller systems are designed for future expansion. This means as your needs grow, it is able to have additional systems added on and run in tandem with the original system. This allows you to have no product loss or extra down time.

Most of JCY chillers are built with semi hermetic compressors, two pumps, and wired conventionally. Any technician can find, fix and get system up and running if repairs are needed (no specialty parts), USA Made, and ETL Listed and inspected.

JCY takes care of brew house systems ranging from small 5 BBL breweries to 35,000 a year breweries.

Our glycol chillers are also great applications for people starting their own breweries, wineries, cider mills and distilleries.

You can find JCY at most beer events in the Midwest (USA), and touring as many breweries as possible in the Midwest region.

Contact us today for all your brewery chiller needs at 612-250-5397!


chiller chart

DISCLAIMER: The chart above is only provided for guidance. Your tank may vary depending on various factors including, but not limited to, insulated tanks, piping, insulated pipes, how its piped, size of lines and flows (gallons per minute). Contact JC Youngerto discuss your needs today at 612-250-5397.


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