Custom Manufacturing for Brewery Chillers Made In USA

Last updated on October 6th, 2021 at 04:33 pm

You have put your heart and soul into creating a brewery that is the talk of the town. This is the goal you have pictured since the inception of the brewery idea first crossed your mind. Now as you begin building your brewery and your brand you may be faced with some growing pains.

But that is a good thing!

You have already trusted the team of dedicated professionals at JC Younger with the task of implementing the ideal chiller for your growing brewery brand. But now things are changing at a rapid pace, and you can’t afford to lose the momentum that you have gained by grinding your operation to a halt while you look for chiller solutions for your growing company.

Rely on the company that got you this far in the first place! JC Younger.

Custom Manufacturing Your Brewery Chiller Needs

The startup brewery that you opened a few short months ago is ready to be taken to the next level. The team at JC Younger had the perfect chiller solutions to get your brewery up and running and there is no reason for that same commitment to stop now.

JC Younger has been providing the microbrewery industry with the very best in quality glycol chillers since 2005. In that time, we have provided the chiller needs for many growing breweries and yours is next on the list!

Sandy Younger has made a name for himself by paying close attention to the needs of each individual brewery that JCY works with. By getting to know the needs first hand, he can then offer you the suggestions regarding your brewery chiller needs that will be specific to your application. You are busy growing your customer base and promoting your brand. JCY is also busy addressing your brewery chiller needs to help you grow your business and take your company to that next level of prosperity.

Whether your needs are for a 7, 10, or 15 hp chiller, JCY has the chiller solutions for you and your company. Most of our 5HP and up chillers are designed with your future in mind and expansion to a larger quantity chiller in the future is as easy as picking up the phone! If you have something a bit different that requires a bit of customizing, don’t worry. This is where the team at JCY makes the difference between a chiller and a chiller solution designed especially for your brewery!

JCY chillers are built with semi hermetic compressors, two pumps, and then wired conventionally. This allows any technician the ability to find, fix, and repair your chiller if need be. JCY chillers require no specialty parts, and every chiller is proudly constructed in the USA, and ETL listed and inspected. You just can’t find a better chiller solution for your startup to midsize and beyond brewery anywhere in the Midwest.

If your brewery chiller happens to be in need of a repair, relax JCY has rental chillers to keep your business running and the brew flowing to those thirsty customers!

Let JC Younger Handle Your Chiller Expansion Needs!

Back in 2006, JC Younger expanded its business to handle the growing needs of the local brewery industry by building and repairing the chillers that this industry thrives on. They can  handle all types of chiller applications from food, printing, plastics, and medical as well as their brewery chiller solutions. When you need a specific chiller application, brewery or otherwise, the team at JC Younger is ready to meet then exceed your chiller needs.

Why not take moment and either call or go by the JCY website for your Made In The USA Custom Chiller Solutions today!


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