Chiller Rentals Including Air & Water Cooled

  • If there is any kind of chiller repair issue, we send one of our technicians out to you quickly. Our rental chillers are fully covered if under normal wear and tear.
  • We can provide you with a chiller that meets your needs. We provide custom chiller solutions.
  • The cost of a permanent cooling unit for your business might be prohibitive, especially as a small business. A rental chiller serves many financial benefits.
  • Rental chillers allow you the flexibility to change the size of your chiller unit depending on your cooling needs.
  • You can try out our chiller rental units before you decide to purchase a chiller.
  • Rental chillers are fully covered for damage repair as well as maintenance. This saves you money should a repair be necessary.
  • Don't worry about absorbing the costs of chiller repair because maintenance is covered which saves you money.