Air cooled condensers

  • Vertical discharge
  • Horizontal discharge

Water cooled condensers

  • Central cooling tower applications
  • Dry-cooler applications

Remote air cooled condensers

  • Indoor unit and outdoor condenser
  • Eliminate unwanted heat in building
  • Eliminate exhaust and make up air requirements and expense

Packaged chillers

  • Chiller package complete with system reservoir and pumps
  • Eliminate costly field components
  • Eliminate installation expenses
  • Unit set in place – main power connections – supply and return lines – operate
  • Eliminates incorrect installations (code violations)

Indoor and Outdoor packages

  • Units ETL-UL 1995 listed for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Ambient conditions from minus 40 f to 110f (outdoor models)
  • Roof top or ground level slab placement

Multiple unit application

  • Unit designed for future growth and expansion
  • Ease of initial expense if large capacity not required at purchase date
  • Once load demand increases a slave module can be added
  • Unit will grow if load / production grows
  • System operates using a common reservoir
  • Independent slave module for redundancy
  • Multiple system supply pumps available
  • Multiple temperature applications using common chiller

Winter chiller packages

  • Utilizes winter ambient temperatures to provide cooling
  • This option provides economical savings
  • Power savings in not operating large horsepower compressor
  • Mechanical wear savings on the compressor
  • Units can be purchased with the mechanical packaged chiller
  • Unit can be purchased as an option at any time and added into system reservoir


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