Industrial Chillers

Brewery Chillers

We produce brewery chillers specifically for the brewery industry. We can also custom design and fabricate brewing chillers to meet your brewery needs. We have solutions for the microbrewery to the brewpub from regional to large breweries. We have indoor glycol chillers and outdoor glycol chillers available. Our glycol chillers can also be used in… Read more


Air cooled condensers Vertical discharge Horizontal discharge Water cooled condensers Central cooling tower applications Dry-cooler applications Remote air cooled condensers Indoor unit and outdoor condenser Eliminate unwanted heat in building Eliminate exhaust and make up air requirements and expense Packaged chillers Chiller package complete with system reservoir and pumps Eliminate costly field components Eliminate installation… Read more

Chiller Applications

Plastics Injection molding Blow molding Extrusion Vacuum forming Medical Chemical mixing Chemical extrusion Machine cooling Fermentation cooling Environmental control MRI Machines Plating Anodizing Hardcoat Machine shop Grinding Cutting Stamping Spot welders Induction equipment Laser cutting Brewing A constant temperature in cooling (beer). Beer, Brewery chiller, Brewery cooling, beer cooling, Distilling, Distillery, wine, winery, Cider, Cindery,… Read more

JCY-7.5AC-460 Packaged Rental

For pricing information call us at 952-929-1838


For pricing information call us at 952-929-1838