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Why is JC Younger the best industrial chiller provider?

  • ETL – UL 1995 listed equipment (indoor/outdoor locations)
  • No specialized or OEM components
  • Industrial design and construction
  • All components available at the wholesale level
  • Total outdoor packages available
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Each unit is custom to individual customer and application
  • Unit operation and maintenance is very user friendly
  • No microprocessors, transducers, or hermetic controls utilized
  • Designed for dependable, reliable service
  • Most unit protection available in the industry
  • Programmable Voltage Monitor
  • JCY Industrial Chiller Motor Protection
  • Johnson Controls A421 Series
  • Johnson Controls Industrial Controllers


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 38 reviews
byDaniel K onIndustrial Chiller Rentals | New Chillers | Remanufactured Chiller For Rent
Exceptional Service

Sandy and the team at JCY are truly the best in the business. The service and professionalism that this company exudes is unrivaled by most others in business. If you have chiller needs, look no further than the team at JCY - their products are only bested by their exceptional service. You will not be disappointed with JCY!

byBrian Buchanan onIndustrial Chiller Rentals | New Chillers | Remanufactured Chiller For Rent

Wow!!! It’s been many years since we have been able to work with a company that can offer a level of service that matches our business philosophy…fairness, values and an overall appreciation of all the elements critical for a successful operation. Sandy at J. C. Younger has far exceeded our expectations by providing a product and a package that meets our business model, but most of all; was realizing that JCY is a full service supplier adding the essence of business integrity… an attribute with prominence that is greatly appreciated!

Brian Buchanan

byJames onIndustrial Chiller Rentals | New Chillers | Remanufactured Chiller For Rent
Great Business

Sandy has been a pleasure to do business with from the initial call through our whole build out process. Excellent company delivered everything as promised. The continued support and customer service has been outstanding. I wish more companies valued their customers as much as JCYounger. I would highly recommend JCYounger to anyone.

byMike Tucker onIndustrial Chiller Rentals | New Chillers | Remanufactured Chiller For Rent
chiller repair

Sandy and his techs repaired my chiller promptly, and let me use a substitute chiller while mine was being repaired. These guys are very knowledgable and friendly!

byDan Hart onIndustrial Chiller Rentals | New Chillers | Remanufactured Chiller For Rent

Sandy and JCY Company have worked with us for years even before we had our brewery. Sandy helped us find the right fit for us and gave us expert advice. It didn't just stop there. He made sure we were happy from beginning to end. They provided us with an excellent product all US build and we haven't had a single issue. When we've needed advice or help he always returned our phone calls in a timely matter and helped us with trouble shooting. They will have our business for as long as we are in business.

byCraig Neuzil onIndustrial Chiller Rentals | New Chillers | Remanufactured Chiller For Rent
Building a brewery is hard

"Building a brewery is hard; and one of the tougher decisions it the process is making the right selection on the equipment. Looking back: we are very pleased to have decided to go with JCY for our chiller, glycol, process piping advice, and tank cooling controls. J.C. Younger from the start spent a lot of time in the fine detail to ensure we were choosing the right chiller design, as cooling for our process is very critical as well as can make a beer from a average beer to a phenomenal beer. When sales rep Sandy said this unit they were building for us was built like a tank: he was not kidding. This unit weights roughly 75% more than other comparable systems in this size range. The system was also designed vith a VFD to allow for low or high glycol demand without wasting flow, and future add on options so when we require more cooling: just plug and play a second JCY tandem system and we double performance. Our chiller has been extremely reliable and J.C. Younger has provided us with outstanding customer service when we've called with questions minor adjustments/ repairs, or anything related to our system set-up." Craig Neuzil, PIVO Brewery, Calmar, Iowa

bySam Jennings onIndustrial Chiller Rentals | New Chillers | Remanufactured Chiller For Rent
Winery Chiller

After working all over the United States at industrial 20 Million+ gallon facilities all the way down 2,000case botique wineries Sandy and the crew make one hell of a unit and their service is some of the best in the industry. I have seen and worked with many of the newer and more well known chiller suppliers and have also worked with some older "antiquated" chiller equipment. The JC Younger unit we use at our facility is hands down one of best units on the market today. Its simple, its stout, the components are all the best money can buy, its made in the USA, in my opinion the unit is "overbuilt" in the best way possible. The other more well know big chiller companies will only build the condensors stateside, then slap cheap Chinese compressors/pumps/electronics on the rest of the unit.... you spend $60k+ only to be replacing compressors/pumps and electronics 6 months later. Trust me I have been the guy at 3am swapping pumps/compressors and electronics on brand new 60+ ton units during harvest with "big brand" units, have also seen "big brand" chiller units control box doors blown across parking lots because the electronics were Chinese junk and exploded or melted down. Some of the bigger guys will actually give you boxes of parts if you spend a million bucks and say "you will need these for repairs"! JCY sizes and sells you a unit built for what you need. Its done right the first time, and if you have any issues Sandy and the crew are 1 phone call away. These units are absolute tanks, they are built the good old fashioned American way, and if properly maintained should last for many many years with zero issues.

byJacob Schnabel onIndustrial Chiller Rentals | New Chillers | Remanufactured Chiller For Rent

JCY and Sandy are absolutely fantastic and always at the ready when we need assistance. They earned our business, and continue to, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a chiller.

byNathan Peterson onIndustrial Chiller Rentals | New Chillers | Remanufactured Chiller For Rent

Purchased used chiller about two months ago, it took me some time to get it all installed and running properly. It works perfectly! It is a great addition to my brewery. Sandy is very helpful in the process, and has great knowlege in the industry. I highly recommend this company, and look foreward to working with them in the future!

byJohn Socha onIndustrial Chiller Rentals | New Chillers | Remanufactured Chiller For Rent
keeping old chiller working

The JC Younger Company is top notch!! To Bob and Sandy that go above and beyond expectations. The knowledge that both bring to the industry and the support they to give to customers is remarkable. I like the fact that the job isn't done until the customer is satisfied.

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