Looking for Glycol Chiller Rentals?

J.C. Younger (JCY) is a custom chiller manufacturing company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since they began their business in 1956, they have kept philosophy by depending on high moral standards. All their customers admire their proven work ethic; they receive personal assistance and transparent pricing issues. Nationwide and throughout the Midwest, J.C. Younger Company has made a name for itself by the way they treat their customers.

glycol chiller rental and sales

Glycol Chillers

Glycol is a cooling medium used in several industries, applications, and project specifications. Propylene and Ethylene are types of glycol, along with a blend-ratio based on the glycol supply temperature and the ambient winter temperature.  The most commonly encountered glycol is ethylene glycol.

Ethylene glycol

Ethylene glycol is for:

  • Antifreeze in automobile cooling systems
  • The manufacture of human-made fibers
  • Low-freezing explosives
  • Brake fluid
  • Keeping CBD chilled
  • Brewery glycol chillers that must provide cooling even in the most challenging situations
  • Supplying dairy and food factories that must have chillers on-site

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is much like ethylene glycol, except ethylene glycol is not toxic and propylene glycol is not. Propylene glycol delivers a food-grade choice and maintains a technical or industrial grade.

Construction Chillers

Maintaining the proper temperature at a construction site is vital. Workers operating in a temperature-controlled worksite can get more work done, and employees can optimize their job due to efficient temperatures. J.C. Younger offers temperature control and safety to all who are involved in the project.

Metalforming: Waterjet Chillers

Waterjets draw vast amounts of water, which requires the water-cooling system to sustain the water temperature and use vast amounts of electricity to run through the chillers. When our customers rent an industrial chiller from J.C. Younger, there is no specific length of time for rentals. If your business grows, you might decide to purchase or rent one of our waterjet chillers.

glycol chiller rental and sales

Industrial Chiller Rentals

A few of the industries that use chillers in their processes include:

  • Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical businesses
  • Food and beverage entities
  • Bakeries
  • Beef processing
  • Cannabis
  • Chemical industry
  • Dairy Farms
  • Distilleries
  • Industrial Condensing units
  •  Metalforming
  • Wineries, and more

What JCY Can Do for Your Business

Once you connect with JCY, you will understand how this well-rooted, diverse company can assist you in finding new ways to grow, make money, and save money. Although we know that selling our chillers is an essential part of our business, we also know that renting our chillers to our clients has some advantages.

Keeping a machine long-term as a renter means maintenance issues will arise. To save a waterjet machine well-maintained and in optimal condition. Fortunately, J.C. Younger specializes in manufacturing and remanufacturing chillers found in many industrial applications. Before you purchase a waterjet chiller to use in your metal forming shop, ask yourself these questions:

  1.  How much floor space will your chiller need for installation?
  2. What must the outlet water temperature be?
  3. What temperature must you need to cool the components of your system?
  4. What cooling ability will you need in tons or kW?
  5. What must temperature tolerances be?

High-Quality Machines Help You Create High-Quality Products

Some of the perks that come with working with J.C. Younger include:

  • Fast delivery
  • Trouble-shooting problems, even over the telephone
  • Chillers for hydroponic plant-growing
  • A team that will quickly and professionally handle all your chiller solutions

Call or contact us today at and let us share with you the many machines we offer for rental or sale. J.C. Younger wants to help you build, organize, and optimize your business. We look forward to being a part of your team and creating a united team that makes things happen.


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