Microbrewery Chillers Need Low-Temperature Glycol Chillers


Control Product Quality

Microbrews have a certain amount of specialist appeal, and people who start microbreweries generally do so for the love of beer. This means that the owners are always on the lookout for ways to improve their beverage. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using a chiller to control the process.

Breweries of all sizes depend on fermentation to make their product. The fermentation process gets the ingredients above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and then the wart cools. As you may recall from your food safety training, this cooling puts it in the danger zone for bacterial growth. It also gives your drink time to develop dimethyl sulfide, and that can create unpleasant smell and taste in beer. Chilling it with a glycol chiller takes it to a safe temperature quickly, allowing you to avoid unfortunate smells from the sulfide or side effects from harmful bacteria.

Breweries also need to keep their final brew at the right temperature until it gets sent to the tasting room. This keeps it fresh for your customers, making sure that they have the best experience possible with your beer.

Encouraging Consistency

Microbreweries that are making a name for themselves through taste and uniqueness have an extra hurdle when it comes to taste. The exact temperature and the speed of your chilling process will change how your beer tastes and feels to your customers, so being able to micromanage these aspects of making beer will ensure that all the product that you make will have the flavor profile of its brand regardless of how many batches you make.

How JC Younger Helps

Microbreweries deal with fluctuating loads, and that puts unique demands on their chillers. JC Younger understands this. We have been helping small businesses with their chiller needs for decades now, and we have come to use a rental process that microbreweries can benefit from.

Flexible Rental Agreements

Renting a chiller allows you to meet changing demand by using it only when you are ready. It also means that you don’t have to make a big up-front investment in your chiller while still meeting your brewery needs. JC Younger can provide you with a chiller that is designed for your business for anywhere from a couple of weeks to years. You can also change the type or size of chiller that you rent from JC Younger quickly, and this allows you to always have the right type of machine without having to buy a new one.

Owner-Friendly Design

Microbrewers rely on their chillers working correctly with minimal fuss all the time, so all our chillers are made with non-specialized parts. There are no OEM parts or microprocessors, but all the parts meet the standards of the ETL-UL 1995. This means that any problems that you have with it can often be fixed with a quick call to our customer service line. Our technicians can come out to quickly fix anything that a phone call doesn’t resolve.

Built-In Maintenance Package

Brewers aren’t in the machine care business. That is why JC Younger provides a maintenance package with our rentals. We can keep your machine in good order for you.

Customized Chillers

Microbreweries don’t normally need behemoth chillers, and your particular business requires accessories unique to your process. You might need to put your cooling tower outside, or you might need a more compact, water-cooled chiller. JC Younger has a brewery specialist on hand who can help you get the chiller that fits you business’s needs.

Microbreweries have many challenges, but cooling their beer efficiently doesn’t have to be one of them. JC Younger can take that concern off your list, so if you are interested in getting a chiller for your beer, contact us.


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