Precise Temperature Control in the CBD/THC Processes with JCY Chillers

March 27th, 2020 by

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The Characteristics of Cannabis Plants are Crucial to the Processes

At J.C. Younger (JCY), we are well-known across the country for our quality and user-friendly chillers. With the expertise to build chillers for a variety of applications, we are becoming respected for our quality-built chillers for the CBD/THC processes, where constant temperature control is vital.

While the extraction and distillation processes are standard for many end products, such as ” organic substances, chemical, petrochemical, and alcoholic beverages,” the processes for hemp and marijuana are not yet fine-tuned as reported on Marijuana Venture.  Processors and original equipment manufacturers are in the process of refining all the elements. The biggest reason is that these cannabis plants each have particular characteristics.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. is an excellent resource for understanding the differences between hemp and marijuana.

  • “Hemp” is grown for “the food and fiber variety of the cannabis plant,” and the entire plant can be processed, whether male or female, for “food, oil, and fiber.” CDB oil comes from “hemp,” and it does not have intoxicating effects.
  • In contrast, “marijuana” is only grown for THC, the intoxicating chemical that only comes from female plants, more specifically the flowers or “buds. It’s the unfertilized female plants that produce the highest concentration of THC.

The Common Parameters for CBD/THC and How Chillers are Vital to Every Step

Referring back to Marijuana Venture, while methods vary in the extraction and distillation of CBD/THC, “they all have common parameters that need to be controlled” temperature, pressure or vacuum, source material throughout volume, and for extraction, solvent feed rate.”

The Extraction Process Temperature Must be Consistent and Repeatable

Temperature control using any of the most common extraction processes, “CO2, butane, propane, and ethanol.” is critical. “In each of these methods, the extraction agent is cooled down to temperatures that can reach minus-80 degrees Celsius and then compressed until it is liquefied.” There is only one efficient way to reach this temperature and control it, and that is with a chiller.

For high-quality results, we recommend that a custom unit be “designed to meet unique temperature profile requirements” in comparison to “a standard piece of equipment.” As pointed out, “temperature control is necessary throughout all the steps in the process, but precise extraction chamber temperature control is absolutely essential to managing final product quality and characteristics.”

It’s understandable that absolute temperature control “must also be replicable from one batch to another.” The standard temperature control variance must be “within 0.275 degrees Celsius” for consistency across product results.

Initial Purification Process Requires Temperature Control

For the final product purification, dewaxing and “winterization” removes waxes and undesired elements. The separation process depends upon cooling the extract down.

Decarboxylation Activates the CBD/THC Components with Temperature Control

Another step, decarboxylation, is necessary for stimulating the CBD/THC components. This process requires “carefully heating an extracted solution to release the carboxyl ring group (COOH).”

Distillation Process for Final Purification Depends upon Temperature Control

Again, “closely controlled temperature” plays a role in the final production of a high-quality CBD and THC oils. Extremely high temperatures are necessary for this final purification process.

Solvent Removal is Accomplished with Temperature Control

“The final step in the process is solvent removal, accomplished in a separate, external cold trap, which is also temperature controlled with a chiller.” And in some productions, “crystallization” may be needed to separate THC and CBD, requiring temperature adjustment and control.

J.C. Younger is the Chiller Partner to Grow Your Business

At J.C. Younger, we understand the needs of cannabis and CBD chilling equipment. We design large industrial chilling equipment for this growing industry, inclusive of hemp extraction, cannabis, and CBD. Also, we understand the refrigeration industry, and we can design a chiller system based on your specific needs. We can customize a rental chiller for your growing business, and we offer chiller sales with leasing options.

Contact us today to speak to one of our low temp extraction chiller experts, and let us help you with your cannabis and CBD chiller needs. When you call with questions, we have the answers. You will find you get a lot more than a quality JCY chiller system, when you partner with the team at J.C. Younger.